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Everyones favourite salty and sweet licorice from across the seas.

Starting from the lower end of the salty spectrum we have delicious Dutch salmiak rocks, Dutch fruit rockies, Dutch chalk and Dutch Hering for those who prefer their licorice a bit sweeter (there is still definitely a small salty kick to them though). Moving into the next level of the  salty Dutch range, the Dutch sweet coins, Dutch buttons, Dutch cats and Dutch diamonds are a single salted liquorice that tend to be more favoured along with the previous sweeter Dutch range. The single salted Dutch range has a perfect balance of salt that helps cut the sweetness of the licorice. Moving into the more adventurous side of Dutch licorice range, Dutch DZ coins (Double salted) and Dutch triple salted are the saltiest licorice lollies you will ever get your hands on. If you love licorice, but hate the sweetness, these are the perfect Dutch drops for you.